Innovative Products


Innovative Products is independently owned and operated. We are in constant search of products that do what they say or are what they say (not all products are that way you know).


Skin Care, Pain Relief, and Cool Stuff
UGO Speakers - incredible sound from Bluetooth speaker, rechargeable lithium ion battery, Micro SD card slot, built-in microphone for hands free capability when connected via Bluetooth., Remote TV Bluetooth Speakers that allow you to utilize the UGO Bluetooth Speaker right by your chair or couch. Never have trouble hearing your TV again., Power Banks that can recharge many devices many times. Charge or recharge your UGO Speaker or cell phone or almost any rechargeable device. Ultra Balm skin care products that have amazing nourishing and healing qualities. Great for Eczema and Psoriasis or insect bites, chapped lips, sunburn or itchy skin or rash. Simply Ice is an amazing topical analgesic with Arnica. One application may last as long as 6-8 hours. Great for arthritis or tennis elbow even muscle cramps. When it hurts Simply Ice can help. Arnica is also great for relief of bruising, just try it.